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Ideas for winter fun

With the golden rays of summer gone and the autumn leaves largely fallen, it’s time to look forward to the deep freeze of winter. “Look forward?” you may ask. Sure, not everyone loves the crisp (sometimes biting) Canadian winter air, but love it or hate it, winter brings with it a unique array of activities that you can’t enjoy any other time.

Want some ideas for winter fun?

There are probably many activities you already enjoy during frostier times, but maybe you’ll find something new to try in this list of chilly pastimes the whole family can take part in:

  • Take a hike: We often think of a hike as a nicer-weather thing to do. But it can be really nice to find a snow-covered woodland trail and breathe in that crisp air.
  • Practice your triple axel: Well, maybe don’t go so far as taking giant, spinning leaps, but ice skating, whether you’re in an arena for a public skate or on a pond, river or lake, can be a lot of fun. And if you haven’t skated in a while, you’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know existed, so it’s a good workout!
  • Rip off some wrist shots: While you’re on your skates, maybe pick up a hockey stick and pass a puck around with a friend, or even gather the family for some non-contact shinny.
  • Are those tennis racquets on your feet?: Old school snowshoes looked a lot like old, wooden tennis racquets, but snowshoe technology and design have actually leapt into the 21st century. They look pretty cool these days. Give it a google. If you’re not a regular snowshoer, see if you can find a trail or store that will rent them, if you’re not ready to invest in your own.
  • Hit the slopes: When it comes to skiing, downhill is the most common, but you might want to try snowboarding for a change. While we’re talking skiing, when’s the last time you tried cross-country? And while we’re on the slopes, it might be easier to find a local hill and go sledding or tubing.
  • Winter camping is a thing: Believe it or not, camping in the winter can be a fun, memorable experience if you take the right precautions to stay warm (or as warm as possible, under the circumstances). There’s nothing like a campfire in the winter with some hot chocolate and s’mores. And if there’s a nearby lake, you could try ice fishing while you’re out there.
  • Play like you’re a kid again: Even if you don’t have kids, you can still play like you’re a kid in the snow. Have a snowball fight, build a snow fort or drop yourself into a big, fluffy pile of snow and make angels.
  • Take the polar bear plunge: While jumping into a frozen body of water is a hard no for some people, for others it’s a big bucket list goal. Is this your winter to try it?

Now go out and make this winter a memorable one with tons of frosty fun!

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